Being vegan, I struggle to find decent breakfasts when dining out. There aren’t a lot of vegan breakfast options available at all. The typical options include jam on toast, or beans on toast. Neither are majorly filling nor are they nutritious. This frustrates me as breakfast is the most important meal of the day! My... Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Surprise

Wouldn't it be great if when you got home after a long day of work, your dinner was already cooked and waiting for you?? This is why I LOVE my slow cooker! You can literally throw anything in, leave it to cook on low for 6-8 hours and it turns into a delicious, wholesome, warming... Continue Reading →

Smokey Cauliflower & Filled Gourd

Something a little different using more adventurous ingredients including gourd, a typically large fruit which looks like a mini pumpkin and cucamelons, which look like mini watermelons. Both the gourd and cucamelons are home grown but are available to purchase in most supermarkets so finding these unusual ingredients shouldn't be too much of an issue.... Continue Reading →

BBQ Noodles

This recipe came together after wanting something quick and easy to make one evening. Its inspired by wagamama's traditional noodle fetish which is so popular amongst most that we thought perhaps we could make a vegan version of our own. Using ingredients we all ready had and imagining the flavours we wanted to create we... Continue Reading →

Vegan Bolognese

This bolognese is suitable for all just like all our dishes we make. Spag bol is a fave amongst most, a comfort food that is always guaranteed to make you feel good and tastes super yummy! We have used tagliatelle instead of spaghetti purely down to personal preference, however using either would work work well.... Continue Reading →

The super food

Now this dish is ultra flavoursim and something I like to call the super food! Full of nutritious ingredients providing health benefits which will enhance your day to day living. Some of the health benefits from these ingredients include, a good source of vitamin K which improves bone health, primarily sourced from broccoli and kale.... Continue Reading →

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Having experimented once before with tinned jackfruit and being extremely impressed with the likeness It had to pulled pork, ive been dying to try it out again. So, I decided to make pulled BBQ jackfruit burgers - this is such a quick and easy recipe that tastes extremely good! These burgers are completely vegan and... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry

This evening i fancied making a creamy curry dish. The main ingredient being one of my favourites, sweet potato - The tastiest type of potato and a very good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. I decided to have a bit of a clear out in my fridge and used a variety of veg... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Breakfast

This is a weekend favourite of ours and a great breakfast to start the day with! All you need is avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, potatoes, coriander and eggs if you aren't vegan. The ingredients you need are cheap which makes this meal low budget and healthier than a typical fry up and environmentally friendly... Continue Reading →

HOW TO MAKE : Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

This evening I decided to tryout cooking a truly winter dish....a shepherds pie but....totally vegan! Now the disclaimer is, I am not a vegan. Shock horror! Now why on earth would I want to cook a vegan shepherds pie when I could just try cooking the bog standard eat ya heart out mince meaty shepherds... Continue Reading →

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