The Ultimate Breakfast

This is a weekend favourite of ours and a great breakfast to start the day with! All you need is avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, potatoes, coriander and eggs if you aren’t vegan.

The ingredients you need are cheap which makes this meal low budget and healthier than a typical fry up and environmentally friendly with no meat involved.

The method is simple and only takes about 15-20 minutes to rustle up.

To serve 2 people you will need :

1 Avocado

3 Large tomatoes

2 Spring onions

Half a pack of mushrooms

A quarter pack of coriander leaves

2 slices of bread (Wholemeal preferably)

4 eggs (If your not vegan)


Firstly you will need to prep the potatoes by slicing them into round circles and placing them into a hot saucepan of oil to fry for approximately 10 minutes.


Whilst your potatoes are frying, start to prep the veg. Chop the tomatoes, onions and mushrooms into fine slices and place in another frying pan of hot oil on medium heat.Season with salt and pepper.



Now that you have the potatoes and veg on the go, start to peel and slice the avocado into fine slices. Then chop up the coriander leaves and leave to one side.

If you are going to have eggs I would recommend scrambled eggs as they work really well with this dish. At this stage you will need to prepare and cook your eggs on a low to medium heat.

Toast your bread and butter the slices. Vitalite butter is a good option for vegans to use. Place your toast on a plate ready for the veg to go on top.

Your potatoes should now be a nice golden brown colour, if so, place the potatoes on a plate and leave them to cool down whilst you tend to the veg.

Layer your avocado slices onto your toast and top with the veg. If you have opted for the scrambled eggs then place the eggs on top of the veg, sprinkle with coriander then place your potato slices on the side and enjoy!

Bon Appetite










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